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How does acupuncture work?

Many people are familiar with the concept of acupuncture, but they don’t know how it works. The answer is complicated, and it depends on who you ask. To understand how it works, it is helpful to understand what acupuncture is, and what it isn’t.

Jun 24th, 2019
What is Dynamic Stretching?

Remember circling up at the beginning of gym class to stretch? Well, best practices in terms of preparing for physical activity has changed.

Jan 29th, 2019
What Does Botox Do For Headaches?

For decades, medical professionals and patients have been saying that Botox effectively manages chronic headaches and even migraines. That being said, what does Botox do for headaches?

Jan 29th, 2019
How Does Botox Work?

Traditionally, Botox is used to treat medical and cosmetic conditions. In the United States alone, millions of men and women undergo Botox procedures every year.

Jan 21st, 2019
What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Nurse Practitioners now play a huge role in treating a variety of medical conditions. Many people, however, don’t know exactly what a Nurse Practitioner does or how one can help them. So exactly what is a nurse practitioner?

Jan 21st, 2019
Stem Cells Are Changing Lives

There’s something new happening at Kersenbrock Medical & Wellness, and the community of Lake Mary is taking notice.

Jan 14th, 2019
Stem Cell Therapies Are Helping Pro Athletes

Being a professional athlete inherently takes a toll on the body. Rather than succumb to the inevitable aches, pains, and long-term injuries, pro athletes now have other options.

Jan 14th, 2019
Learning to Say “No”

As a whole, our society is very bad at saying “no.” Instead, we say “yes” to everything, over-commit, and exhaust ourselves.

Nov 30th, 2018
5 Tips for Choosing The Best Chiropractor

Trusting someone with your health is a big deal. Far too often, patients find themselves experiencing more aches, waiting weeks for an appointment, or have a bad customer service experience with a chiropractor they haphazardly chose.

Oct 31st, 2018
Self-Care Improves Your Physical and Mental Health

Our society talks a lot about self-care. Unfortunately, few individuals have taken the time to integrate these practices into their routines, which leads to burnout, exhaustion, and can even affect your mental stability.

Oct 18th, 2018
5 Myths You’ve Heard About Chiropractic Care

There are so many misconceptions surrounding chiropractic care. As chiropractic care has become more mainstream and patients have found adjustments to be beneficial, many myths surrounding chiropractic care have emerged.

Oct 9th, 2018
Regenerative Medicine Therapies for Knee Pain

Are you battling knee pain on a daily basis? Whether you experience chronic knee pain due to a past injury or surgery, or because of arthritis, knee pain can be truly dilapidating.

Oct 3rd, 2018
Acupuncture Can Alleviate Headaches

Headaches are common and often impact a person both mentally and physically. If you suffer from mild to severe headaches on a regular basis, there’s something that can help.

Sep 23rd, 2018